2017 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp

Thursday, June 8 – Monday, June 12, 2017


We are happy to have as our guest instructors from the All Japan Kendo Federation:

Yasuo Sakono Sensei, Hanshi Iaido 8 dan
Nobuaki Oda Sensei, Kyoshi Iaido 8 dan


Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, PA
You do not need a car. Take the Paoli/Thorndale line SEPTA train from Philadelphia 30th St Station to the Bryn Mawr stop, which takes 20 minutes.

The seminar will be held in the Schwartz Gym, building #10 in this PDF map of campus.


The Welcome party fee will be included in the general fees for anyone who checks in on Wednesday.

Light refreshments, beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks will be served.


We will be staying in the Bryn Mawr dorms.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dorm room and gym access are $80 a day (or less on Wednesday night and the day you checkout).

A commuter option with lunch and gym access only is $20 a day. (If you plan to eat lunch elsewhere you must still pay for the commuter option to access the gym.)

Please go through the registration process to see the full list of prices and options.

Meal cards and rooms keys must be returned when you check out, or you will be charged a $50 fee.


A Sayonara party will be held on Saturday night, in the Thomas Great Hall of Bryn Mawr College.

The cost is $55 per person, which includes beer or wine. (It is not a BYOB event.)


Permits are required to park on campus. Please ask for a parking permit when you check in. We will have more information then about approved parking locations.


Mazkiya USA will not be able to come to the seminar, but they are offering a 15% discount on all items on their web site until May 31. Please email Mazkiya for details.


We will post updates here and on the East Coast Iaido Facebook page.


The registration deadline is Friday, May 26.

For more information, please contact David Bressler at db@davidbressler.com or (646) 479-5443.

You will need your AUSKF ID number to register. If you have registered with Shinken.us before and don’t remember your AUSKF ID or your temporary ID, please email info@shinken.us.



Jodo shinsa questions were added on May 9th.
Note: The deadline to receive Jodo answers is Friday, May 26.


An Iaido seminar will be held on Thursday, June 8 and Friday, June 9.

Seminar fee: $90
Non-AUSKF fee: $140


A competition will be held on Saturday, June 10.

The Taikai is limited to AUSKF members, or non-AUSKF members who are US residents.

Taikai fee: $25


An Iaido promotion test will be held on the morning of Sunday, June 11, for examination up to 6 Dan.

A Jodo promotion test will be held on Sunday afternoon, June 1 for examinations from 1 Kyu to 2 Dan. You may bring your own partner, who is also testing. Both partners need to register for the test. Please list your partner's name when you register. If you do not have a partner to test with, write “None” and we can arrange one for you.

Non-AUSKF members must be a member of a Kendo Federation recognized by the International Kendo Federation, and must have written permission from their country’s Kendo Federation President.

Shinsa fees:

Kyu (17 & under): $30
Kyu (Adult): $40
1 Dan: $50
2 Dan: $60
3 Dan: $70
4 Dan: $80
5 Dan: $100
6 Dan: $120

Menjo fees:

Kyu (17 & under): $20
Kyu (Adult): $30
1 Dan: $50
2 Dan: $60
3 Dan: $80
4 Dan: $100
5 Dan: $150
6 Dan: $300


A Jodo seminar will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, June 11, and on Monday, June 12.

Jodo seminar fee: $25